What is Medical Devices Meetings?

Medical Devices Meetings is a BtoB forum for the manufacturing of medical equipment and devices.
Medical Devices Meetings is Europe’s first ever medical technologies event comprising the entire value chain of the medical industry. Not only offers MDM a pre-arranged business-to-business meetings program, but also a day of conferences focused on the key areas innovation and development.
The objective is to strengthen, support and develop the relationship between manufacturers and suppliers by connecting them through pre-planned one to one meetings. It is an ideal environment to see what the suppliers are currently offering the medical devices manufacturers. 
MDM is an event which gives total and exclusive focus to the value chain for medical technology sectors:
  • Technical procurement managers
  • Heads of research and development departments
  • Engineers and technicians for R&D and production departments
  • Production managers
  • Design engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Quality assurance/ quality control managers
  • Qualification and validation specialist

What is MDM’s technical spectrum?

Your capabilities, services and technologies:

  • Manufacturing
  • Processes
  • Technologies, Equipment, Systems
  • Services

Type of technologies:

  • Surgical Instruments
  • Articles of Daily Use
  • Endoscopy
  • Dental Care
  • Sterilisation, Equipment, Hygiene
  • Therapeutic Systems and Devices
  • Implants/ Exoprothesis
  • Patient Diagnostics
  • Imaging Techniques
  • in-vitro Diagnostics
  • eHealth/Telemedicine
  • Laser Technology/Optical Systems
  • Tissue Engineering/ Regenerative Medicine 





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